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Purchasing banner printing from Mobin Tech

Banner printing machine is one of the most useful advertising related machines in both Iran and all around the world.

If you want to start your business in this industry, we recommend buying banner printing machines. You can buy the banner printing machines that you want from Mobin Tech Company, and you can choose how to pay, cash or in installment.

In this essay, we tend to give you some information about our company and the ways you can buy the machine you want from us. So please join us in the journey.

Reasons of buying the machines from Mobin Tech Company

  • Our banner printing machines are designed and implemented by the experts who have the experience of working with dozens of similar foreign and imported machines.
  • We offer installment purchases for banner printing machines. The Installment sale conditions  are simple and accessible.
  • Mobin Tech machines are guaranteed and come with after sale services for 7 years
  • We offer a product return guarantee and complete refund payment
  • You can buy raw materials needed for banner printing machines from Mobin Tech company in installments.
  • Free repairing and servicing  of your machines are done by our experienced technicians at your workplace.
  • The company sets seasonal and periodic discounts
  • A to Z instructions on the function and protection of the machine are provided by professional technicians for free.
  • Mobin Tech offers online purchasing.
  • To install and set up your banner printing machines, our technicians come to your city. This service is also provided for free.

Meet Mobin Tech company’s CEO

Relying on his experiences of working in printing offices, operating printing machines, managing the greatest digital and offset printing office in southern Iran, Mojtaba Niknam started a partnership and set up Mobin Tech business group after handing over the great complex of printing and advertising in 2014.

The CEO states:

“our duty is to provide and support the needed machines and devices in the easiest way of access. in order to support new businesses, we offer hire purchases. We also provide product return guarantee and complete refund payment unconditionally, so you can purchase our products with peace of mind”.

Designing and implementing banner printing machines at Mobin Tech Company

Our banner   printing machines are designed, manufactured and implemented by the most experienced engineers and technicians of the country. The process of designing and implementing the machines is completely done by the company’s experts. This is why we guarantee all of our banner printing machines, and in case of any dissatisfaction with your purchase, we provide unconditional refund payment. The product return guarantee is mentioned in the contract.

 Mobin Tech hire purchase conditions

If you are not able to pay the price of the product you want in cash, you may benefit from the installment purchase from the company. In order to use this opportunity, you need to pay 60% of the whole price in cash and decide on paying the rest as you wish. Payment of the installment, is calculated according to your budget and will be mentioned in the contract. This flexibility of the conditions of buying the machines has made the process of purchasing, easy for the costumers. Therefore, the costumer can allocate a part of the initial investment to buy raw materials or presenting his business to consumers.

What do our customers say about us?

What our old customers say about us, effects the potential costumers’ ideas on their decisions about dealing with us. So we encourage you to go and search about what they think of us.

Mobin Tech company has sold different machines for almost a decade. You can find our machines not only all over the country but in neighboring countries as well.

You can find our customers (individuals and printing offices), in order to visit the machines which they bought from us in your city, by simply contacting our sales office. Thus you can visit and examine our machines without coming to our office and order them online.

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