A guide to buy laser cutting machine

If you need a laser cutting machine to open your workshop! If you don’t know what’s the most suitable machine for your business! If you need help to buy a laser cutting machine! if you’re looking for a reliable company to purchase the laser cutting and engraving machines you need from!  We highly recommend not to scroll down this article without reading it carefully. You will get your answers after reading this article for sure!

Answer these questions before buying a laser cutting machine:

It’s useless to open a laser cutting and engraving workshop without thinking about the ultimate goal. Having a business plan is a necessary step when starting any business including a laser cutting workshop. There’s no need to worry if you do not have such a plan as we will give you information on it in following paragraphs. We are going to guide you to choose the best machine! so grab a paper and a pen and answer the questions bellow:

  • What’s my main purpose? Why am I opening an engraving and laser cutting workshop? What do I want to manufacture and sell?
  • After manufacturing the product, who am I going to sell it to? Am I a sales agent or a salesperson?
  • What are the needed raw materials? Wood? Stone? Leather? Which one?
  • Do I want to use different kinds of raw materials?
  • How much is my budget?
  • Can I start the business by using secondhanded machines? Do I really need brand new machines to start with?
  • What are the necessary skills to know?
  • Do I need to attend skill classes to learn how to work with the machine?
  • Which one of the laser cutting machines works the best for me?
  • How big the workshop should be? How much should I work?
  • Answer these questions clearly as it will help you opening your workshop and choosing suitable machines.

Know different kinds of laser cutting machine more and better

It’s useful to know different kinds of engraving and laser cutting machines more and eventually choose and purchase the best machine for your workshop. Metal laser cutting machine or non-metal laser cutting machine? which size?

Laser cutting machines are divided to two types: metal laser cutting machines and non-metal laser cutting machines. It depends on your goal which one to buy. For example, if you want to work with wood and leather as raw materials you don’t need to spend a fortune on purchasing metal laser cutting machines. Non-metal laser cutting machines are good for engraving and cutting non-metal materials such as wooden accessories, clothes, cardboard, paper, leather, etc.

You can buy different kinds of engraving laser cutting machines from Mobin Tech company, in cash or in installment. But before any action, call us and speak with our sales experts and receive free and professional consultations. Mobin Tech is the only factory in Iran that has succeeded in manufacturing engraving and laser cutting machines depending on knowledge of Iranian engineers and experts and has been able to reduce the country’s market needs for Chinese machines.

Vital factors of purchasing laser cutting machines:

After choosing the type of the laser cutting machine, you should buy the suitable machine according to the extant of your work, your budget, the workshop area and the amount of the work needed to be done. Pay attention to these factors too: size of the machine’s table, laser tube power, main board’s type, cooling system power and the installed options on the machine.

Engraving and laser cutting machines are manufactured and released with different sizes, like:   ۹۰*۶۰, ۹۰*۱۳۰, ۹۰*۱۴۰٫ The one that works the best for you depends on your workshop area, your budget, the materials you choose and the operations you’ve chosen; Of course, we suggest that you choose and buy a machine with a 140 x 100 cm table, which is almost suitable for a wide range of jobs. After choosing the table, search on laser beam tube power as this factor has a direct relation with cutting and engraving power. Laser tubes are made with different powers:20-40-60-80-100-130-150-200 watts. The more the number of watts, the more powerful the machine. if you want to do the engraving and cutting operations on a wide range of materials, a machine with a 200 watts power is a good choice.

 Keep in mind that the higher the power of the laser tube, the more powerful the cooling system (laser cutting machine chiller) is required. For example, refrigerator chillers should be used to control the heat of 80-watt tubes and above.

We hope that we have given you clear guides so far. Now if you have questions about purchasing a machine or any other related subject, please contact us. Mobin Tech factory is the largest laser cutting machines manufacturer in Iran. You can buy different kinds of non-metal laser cutting machines from us. While you purchase the machine from inside the country and you pay less for the transportation, you benefit from Mobin Tech guarantee and after sales services. And finally, as we are so confident about the quality of our machines, we provide return and a complete refund guarantee.

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