If you work in printing industry field or you are willing to start your own business in this industry or even if you’re a printing machine operator, you must be familiar with all kinds of machines and specialized and professional terms related to this very profitable industry. Since there are many different types of developed, automatic and mechanized printing machines available in the market, it’s necessary for each and everyone of the people working in this field to know all the parts of a printing machine and the terms related to it. To perceive some of these terms, join us and read the following paragraphs.

Getting to know different printing machines and printing methods in printing industry

Banner printing machine

Banner printing machine is the most common machine in printing industry. This machine is used for a variety of purposes: making banners and advertising billboards, large shop signs, flex printings, large posters for ceremonies, etc.  Eco-solvent machine is one the rapidest banner printing machines and is suitable for printing on all flat surface materials. Surfaces like: banner, flex, mesh and sticker.

Offset printing

One of the best and the most affordable printing machines is offset printing. Offset printing is also known as Lithographic printing. The quality of offset printing is very high due to the use of mass printing with cylindrical and composite cylinders. It’s used to print magazines, forms, leaflets, newspapers, posters, etc. We must mention that to print books plate printing machines are used due to their high resistance. Plate printing machine is the same as offset printing but its ink is made from Zinc. It’s good to know that the final print with an offset machine is cheaper than other kinds of printing machines.

Vinyl printing or sticker printing

Vinyl printing is one of the most popular printings; it’s mostly used in advertisement industry and making three-dimensional patterned decorative accessories. Vinyl printing is very durable and resistant. Mesh printing is a kind of vinyl printing but with a difference: there are holes made behind the mesh printing surface to strength light sources at night.

Flatbed printing machine

Flatbed printing machines are used to print on all flat surfaces like: ceramics, metal, PVC, wood, etc. This machine is designed based on UV ray production.

Laminating machine

Laminating machines are used in printing industry to make veneers for printed productions; therefore, alongside with high resistance, the manufactured product becomes more beautiful.

Sublimation printing

Sublimation printing is a thermal printing used to print different designs on different objects. The basis of sublimation printing is based on the sublimation of inkjet materials by heat. Of course, coating is used to create a suitable substrate for higher quality printing.

There are transfer papers available in the market; they’re used to print designs on objects as their decoupage. Transfer paper is made by sublimation printing machines.

Plotter machine

We can print wide photos on paper using plotter printing machines. For example, to print maps and diagrams we use this machine.

All kinds of parts and specialized terms in printing industry

In following paragraphs, we will introduce different parts of printing machines to you.

What’s a head?

 A head is a vital part of a printing machine. This part sprays ink on banner and other kinds of materials. Epson, Seiko, Konica and Spectra manufacture high quality heads.

What’s a sub-tank?

Sub-tanks are installed in banner printing machines to keep the ink.

What’s a powder sprayer?

At the output of printing machines such as banner printing machines, a powder spraying system is installed to accelerate the drying of the ink.

What’s a pigment?

Pigment is a Greek word; pigments are used to make colored powders.

What is density?

The amount of darkness or light in the design is called density. Density is measured by the amount of light absorbed.

What is a densitometer?

It’s a tool that measures the amount of density of the printing.

What’s tight cutting?

Tight cutting tools are used to hold bundles of paper, cloth, etc. under the razor.

 What is meant by linear images?

The print designs that are to be created in black and white only; are called linear images.

What are pixel Images?

Print designs created by checkered grids are called pixel images. This term is also used in digital devices.

What is a pH meter?

The pH meter adjusts the acidity or alkalinity of the water in some printing machines, such as offset printing. The value of this degree should be between 4 and 4.5.

Last word on perceiving printing industry specialized terms

We introduced different methods of printing and most used terms of the industry in this essay to you. We also studied vital parts of printing machines. Generally, it’s important to read this essay before purchasing printing machines and entering the market. Now you can contact Mobin Tech company to receive information about this business and purchasing printing machines. By contacting us, you receive free consultations alongside with being informed about the best ways of purchasing printing machines from the company.   

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