While using eco-solvent printing machines we must be aware of some very important points. In following paragraphs these important points will be mentioned and explained.

Machine cleaning dilution

Remember, you must clean the machine and remove the extra inks from it with an eco-solvent printing machine cleaning dilution once a week. The dilution should be fitting to the machine’s head. The cleaning process can be done by a foam impregnated with solvent. Be aware that you do not do the cleaning operation by the tag end of the head. This cleaning method is only for the area around the head. This is to clean the extra inks.

Planning for servicing and cleaning the eco-solvent printing machine

If you service your machine timely, you can experience high quality printing operations. Try to keep the eco-solvent machines’ heads clean. Clean the extra inks on the machine’s surface constantly and make sure that there aren’t any obstacles in the ink’s way.

Calibration of eco-solvent printing machines

Every type of the material you use for the eco-solvent printing machine has its own trait. A 2 mms vinyl roll is different from a 15 oz. fabric in terms of thickness. This is why the distance between the head’s top differs from the level of the consuming materials. So, it’s very important to calibrate the machine according to the consuming materials. The calibration of the machine must be done by an experienced technician.

Eco-solvent machine’s ink

You must be careful when buying ink for your eco-solvent printing machine. It’s not economically wise to choose and buy cheap inks. Be openhanded in the time of purchasing ink for this machine.

Finding the right seller

The seller you choose to buy the machine from, is very important. Keeping an eco-solvent printing machine safe and providing the raw materials you need can be difficult if the vendor company doesn’t offer appropriate guarantee. So, spend some time on searching for the best vendor of the market by asking those who have already bought the machine you’ve chosen.

The crucial instructions you must know while working with an eco-solvent machine

Knowing the instructions on the machine’s maintenance and calibration is the very first thing you need to be trained on.

Mobin Tech company provides these instructions for free besides the guarantee and after sale services.

The differences between the different types of eco-solvent printing machines’ heads and the prices of the year 1400

Eco-solvent machine’s head is its vital part. There are different types of eco-solvent machine heads. The main different of these heads is the quality of the final print. In the following lines we will name some of the best eco-solvent machine heads:

  • Epson’ DX5 head
  • Epson’s DX7 head
  • Epson’s DX8 head

It must be mentioned that due to the inflation and the fact that the machine is an imported merchandise, it’s not possible to announce a specific price for it. To be informed about the eco-solvent printing machine’s price you can call Mobin Tech company. Our phone number is 07137027.

The capability to print 3D designs and stickers

۳D sticker, which has become very popular recently, is a product made by using the visual error techniques. This print type is usually installed on the floor. Eco-solvent machines print these 3D stickers with high quality. The 3D stickers are beautiful and because of the colorfulness they have, they attract attentions easily.

If you are about to make some changes in your house’s decoration, 3D stickers for walls are good options as they can give some energy and add color to your home.

Eco-solvent is not suitable for these works!

Eco-solvent is one of the most expensive machines available in the market.  So before purchasing the machine, examine your situation and pay attention to the needs and circumstances of your business.  For example, an eco-solvent machine is not suitable for prints that are meant to be visible from far distances. It’s because the quality of a printed banner by an eco-solvent machine is not good enough to be visible from far distances.

Therefore, you should consider your desired final print quality so you can make an economically wise deal.

۲ very important points

Eco-solvent machine’s use

Eco-solvent machines are used when you want a high-quality final print and that’s supposed to be visible from a near distance. We will name some of the eco-solvent usages bellow:

Wallpaper printing

Printing on mesh

Printing on banner

Printing on sticker


The amount of color used in eco-solvent machines comparing to other machines

Eco-solvent machines have their own kind of ink and you have to use that specific ink, when printing with an eco-solvent machine. This kind of ink is very resistant and it’s suitable for outdoor uses. Eco-solvent machine’s ink is resistant against dust, wind and water. Eco-solvent colors are transparent, this transparency makes this kind of prints very attractive. The amount of ink usage depends on the design, the materials and the machine. Due to fine spraying of this machine, it consumes ink in small amounts. Generally, the cost of ink in eco-solvent machines is 2.5 times more than large format and banner printings.

In conclusion, although the amount of the ink used in eco-solvent machines is less than other printing machines but it costs more and is more expensive.

Meeting Mobin Tech company and hire purchase of second-handed machines

Mobin Tech company manufactures and releases printing machines. You can buy eco-solvent machines from this company in cash or in installment. It’s possible to buy the machine you want just by paying 60% of its price. The second-handed eco-solvent machines that have been overhauled by Mobin Tech have return guarantee. Before purchasing the machine, you can call us on 07137027 and receive information about the price and installment purchase conditions.

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