In the following paragraphs, we want to introduce different kinds of banner printings, eco-solvent and laser cutting machines to you. We will also talk about this industry’s market.

If you are willing to start your business in this field, you’ve heard Mobin Tech’s name for sure. In this essay we try to let you know the company, its history and perspectives. We will also give you information about our services. Stay with us, therefore not only you will know us better, but you’ll receive some very unique and useful ideas on how to start your own business.

Mobin Tech’s history

Mobin Tech’s CEO founded the company in 1393, relying on his experiences of working in printing and advertising industries and managing the greatest digital and offset office of southern Iran.

Mobin Tech was first founded to supply printing raw materials. Selling printing and laser cutting machines and making panels was the next step, by overtaking competitors, the company became the best of the market in southern regions of the country in a short period of time.

After all these successes, Mobin tech started its business in wood and MDF industries by selling and supporting machines.

As new sanctions against the country were imposed in 1397, the company focused its trades on stock machines market and shortly after that, was able to occupy the largest share of the Iranian market.

Currently, Mobin Tech has begun manufacturing industrial printing and laser cutting machines for wood and fabric. Our goal is to supply domestic market and become the country’s export hub in a near future.

If you have recently started your business or you are willing to do so, you can trust Mobin Tech and make deals with us. The company sell banner printing, eco-solvent and laser cutting machines in installments. As we are so confident about the quality of our machines (both manufactured and overhauled), we offer a product return guarantee and complete refund payment.   It means that for whatever reason you don’t want the machine, you can return it and benefit a complete refund payment.

Who are Mobin Tech’s costumers?

A wide range of Iranians can be our costumer. This especially includes those who want to start a new business or those who already have a business in the industry and want to develop and expand theirs. Beside our Iranian costumers, we have costumers in foreign countries as well. Countries like Iraq.

During the covid19 pandemic, you can purchase the machine that you’ve chosen, online. You can see the machine by video calling us and receive free professional consultations from our technicians.

Meet our printing department

Mobin Tech has succeeded in manufacturing printing machines by making banner printing machines and laser machines by making laser cutting machines.   In the following lines we will introduce our printing department. You can provide all the raw materials you need to open your printing office, from Mobin Tech printing department. Raw materials like:

  • Different types of banner printing machines
  • Flatbed printing machine
  • Eco-solvent printing machine
  • Color digital printing machine
  • All kinds and types of banner printing and digital printing machines’ raw materials

Meet Mobin Tech’s laser department

Now that you have met our printing department, it’s time to meet our laser department.  Laser cutting machine is one of the most popular advertising related machines. You can build a profitable business by buying a laser cutting machine. It’s because the engraving and cutting operations are done on the costumer’s desired surfaces and there is no need to buy raw materials.

You can buy a laser cutting machine from Mobin Tech company.  There are different types and models of laser cutting machines available in our company:

  • ۹۰*۱۳۰ secondhand non-metals engraving and laser cutting machine
  • ۹۰*۱۴۰ brand new non-metals engraving and laser cutting machine
  • ۱۰۰*۱۴۰ brand new non-metals engraving and laser cutting machine
  • ۱۳۰*۱۸۰ secondhand non-metals engraving and laser cutting machine
  • ۱۳۰*۱۸۰ brand new non-metals engraving and laser cutting machine

Last word

You can purchase any kind of printing and laser machines from Mobin Tech with an affordable price, in cash or in installment. But we highly recommend calling our sales office and receive free consultations from our experts and technicians. Our phone number is 07137027. By calling us, you are able to buy the machine you want easily and in the shortest possible time. You can also choose the way you want to pay the price, in cash or in installment.

Meanwhile you benefit from Mobin Tech’s guarantee and after sale services, you support Iranian manufacturers and experience the high quality of domestic machines by purchasing our products.

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