A study on printing machines market

Advertising market is a thriving market. Using printing machine is one of the best ways of advertising. Banner printing machines are affordable machines that can help you improve your business. In the following paragraphs, we are going to give you some information about some of the most popular banner printing machines. If you are looking for opportunities to improve your business or you are new in the industry, please join us.

The most popular printing machines

In this part of the essay, we will introduce the printing machines that are the most popular ones among the users from all around the world. According to the following information, you can choose the machine that works the best for you.

What is a banner printing machine?

Banner printing machine can be named one the first machines that was ever used in printing industry. As their name implies, banner printing machines are used to get print on banners. Different brands and sizes of this kind of machine are available in the market. The most popular size for banner printing machine is 320. These machines are used when the banner content is supposed to be shown from a far distance.

The head of a banner printing machine is considered as the most important and the most expensive piece of it. There are different kinds of heads. Some are:

  • Banner printing machine with 512 Konica head
  • Banner printing machine with 512I Konica head
  • Banner printing machine with 1024 Konica head

Mobin Tech’s eco-solvent printing machine is one of the most popular printing machines. This machine gives you print with the best quality. This is why the machine is more expensive than other printing machines. Eco-solvent printing machine is available in the market with Epson, Panasonic, Toshiba and Spectra heads. The amount of sprinkling varies between 3 to 14 Picoliters.

Eco-solvent printing machine can operate the printing process not only on banners but on mesh and sticker.

What is a sublimation printing machine?

Sublimation printing is a method of printing on different objects. This kind of printing works well on different surfaces, like: T-shirts, glasses, hats, fabrics, nylons, CDs, etc. It is high quality and affordable and can be done in small numbers.

It’s good to know that in sublimation printing you just need to print the design you want on a sublimation paper with a sublimation printing machine and its specific ink. Then you have to put the sublimation paper on the desired surface and place it near light and heat. Covering the printed surface properly keeps it safe from being faded.

Sublimation printing machines are usually used in photography studios to print the pictures on different surfaces and confectionery shops to print pictures on cakes.

High-paid printing machine related jobs

As mentioned earlier, printing machines are mostly used in advertising market. You can choose a printing machine according to your budget and the fund you have allocated to your business. Beside this, you should consider the market needs too.

Here are some businesses that you can run by purchasing a printing machine:

Banner printing: you can print all kinds of advertising banners with different sizes by using a banner printing machine. This kind of printing is for outdoor use and has a good durability against rain, wind and sunlight.

Printing on different materials: you can do printing operations on variety of objects by using a sublimation printing machine and an ordinary printing machine. This machine has two models: a 7-function and a 3-funciton. It’s up to you and your budget which one to choose and buy.

Eco-solvent printing: you experience a high quality printing operation with an eco-solvent printing machine. It is also used for banner printing but with a higher quality. This kind of printing is usually used on banners that are supposed to be seen from close distances.

Necessary financial expenses and expertise needed to start a printing related job

To start your own business what you need is not only money but experienced and professional human resources. In general, the first thing you need when opening your printing office is a printing machine. Then you need printing raw materials. Raw material includes: banner ink, banner roll, work clothing, advertising objects, etc. You also need to hire machine designers and technicians. Sometimes as the business grows you need more designers and technicians.

Printing history according to Wikipedia

from middle English “printen, prenten,preenten”, an apheretic form of emprinten, enprinten(to impress; imprint). From Latin “premere”.

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